Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rule V Draft

The Rule V Draft will occur this Thursday. Here is a brief synopsis of what the Rule V Draft is courtesy of Rotoworld.com.

"Under the terms of the Rule 5 draft, players with at least three years of professional service (four years if they were drafted/signed at age 18 or younger) and who were not protected on a team's 40-man roster are eligible for to be selected by another club for $50,000. The drafted player must remain with his new club for the full season or be offered back to his original club for $25,000."

It seems like the Braves have lost quite a few prospects through this draft over the years. Adam Stern and Buddy Hernandez to name a few recently. Although Buddy Hernandez was offered back to the Braves. Of course, the fact that they lose a lot of players is indicative of their successful minor league system.

Some of the players who could get taken this year include:
RHP Kevin Barry
OF Henry Blanco
RHP Charlie Morton

I think it is possible that the Braves could go after some help in the bullpen by drafting somebody from another team in the Rule V Draft. They typically do not draft players in this draft but I think it is possible this year with their bullpen troubles.

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