Thursday, April 06, 2006

Richmond Braves

Richmond, Atlanta's AAA club, went 56-88 last year. The Braves have shown a tendency to promote players straight from AA which means not many top prospects stay very long, if at all, in Richmond.

  • The most notable player on Richmond's roster was Joey Devine but since he was called up today and is currently warming up in Atlanta's bullpen, I guess he won't play much for Richmond this year.
  • James Jurries is another guy that could get called up soon. He will be the first player up once Brian Jordan gets hurt.
  • Scott Thorman is an intriguing power prospect. He has some inefficiencies in his game but he does have a lot of power potential.
  • Anthony Lerew will be the No. 1 starter for Richmond. He is right behind Davies and James as one of the Braves prize pitching prospects.
  • Kevin Barry and Brayan Pena are two guys who should probably be in the majors but are currently blocked. Barry is not really blocked but Atlanta doesn't seem to have any intentions of bringing him up.
  • Buddy Hernandez will start the season on the DL. Last year he was in the same shoes as Kevin Barry is in now. It will be interesting to see how he comes back from his injury.
  • Eddie Perez starts on the DL as well. I don't know why he is playing. He needs to go ahead and start his coaching career.
  • Damian Moss is once again in Atlanta's organization. Of course with his confidence being completely shot and with Leo in Baltimore now, I don't expect him to make any strides this season.
  • John Schuerholz's son, Jonathan, will compete with Cesar Crespo for the starting 2B job.

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