Friday, June 09, 2006

Braves Draft

My template got completely screwed up which explain my lack of posting for the last few days.  I only wich it didn't have to happen during the draft.  Anyways, I'm back online now.  Here are the first 12 players taken by the Braves in this year's minor league draft.  Reactions and analysis are coming soon.

1. Cody Johnson, OF, HS

1. Cory Rasmus, RHP-supplemental, HS

1. Steven Evarts, LHP-supplemental, HS

2. Jeffrey Locke, LHP, HS

2. Dustin Evans, RHP, Georgia Southern

2. Chase Fontaine, SS, Dayton Beach CC

3. Chad Rodgers, LHP, HS

4. Lee Hyde, LHP, Georgia Tech

5. Kevin Gunderson, LHP, Oregon St.

6. Steven Figueroa, RHP, HS

7. Adam Coe, 3B, HS

8. Casey Beck, RHP, San Jacinto Col.

9. Timothy Gustafson, RHP, Georgia Tech

Cody Johnson is a tall left-handed hitter who projects as a 5-tool player.  He is very young and needs to develop but has a ton of power.  I've seen him compared to anyone from Adam Dunn, Travis Hafner, Pat Burrell, or Darryl Strawberry.  Rasmus was a two-way star but projects better as pitcher rather than an infiedler.  Evarts and Locke are high school pitchers who fit into the Braves system of development.  Seems like the Braves stuck to the plan with a lot of projectable high school players and some players from area universities.

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