Thursday, November 16, 2006

Notes over Sickels' Top 20

  • There seems to be two camps of people when it comes to the Braves top prospects. The camp that thinks Salty is the top prospect and the camp that thinks Campbell is the top prospect. Sickels goes so far as to rank Salty third behind Elvis Andrus. That is very interesting because Andrus is fairly low on some lists because of his performance but his potential alone warrants this ranking.
  • Matt Harrison has solidified himself as the organizations top pitching prospect and John Sickels sees it no differently ranking him #4.
  • Jamie Richmond is the first guy who jumps out at you. John admits that it is an aggressive grade and that Richmond doesn't have the raw talent of some other young arms, but his performance is hard to overlook. This is the first list where I've seen him crack the top 10.
  • Chase Fontaine has a good looking bat at shortstop but he was just drafted so a top 10 ranking seems very optimistic. I hope he is right.
  • Jo-Jo Reyes seems a little low at #12 given all the talk about his good season. However, I tend to agree with John. Reyes started out really well upon his promotion to Myrtle Beach but was erratic after that. Also, his performance in previous seasons is not in par with last season so I would like to see him do it again in '07.
  • Neftali Feliz is getting the credit he deserves despite his 4-something ERA in Danville. He throws 98 mph and struck out 42 in 27 innings last year.
  • Kris Medlen is another guy who is finally getting some recognition. He put up the same ridiculous numbers as Richmond but also put up the strikeouts as well.
  • The list rounds out with some good young arms with high ceilings. Left-handers Locke and Evarts along with right-handers Rasmus and Hanson provide some low-level, high potential pitching prospects.
  • Van Pope is a strange omission but he said this is a preliminary list and Pope may end up in the top 20.

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