Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A few links

I was reading Tomahawk, a great Braves blog over at the Most Valuable Network, when I came across a few stories involving minor leaguers. Here is a link to a post about a couple of Cuban defectors the Braves have signed to fill out some minor league rosters.

Braves add 2 more players

There is also a nice piece on Anthony Lerew. He has improved his split-finger pitch and is now vying for the closer role. Cox seems to be impressed thus far. I have always thought that Lerew would make a nice addition to our bullpen this year. My only knock against him as our closer would be his somewhat lacking strikeout numbers considering his power "stuff". Maybe a split-finger can help with his strikeouts. If so he looks like a real sleeper to claim the closer job this spring.

Lerew impressive

I also read an article this morning which confirms something every Braves fan already knows. Jeff Francoeur has a cannon for an arm. This article at The Hardball Times examines some pretty detailed analysis of outfield arms. It particularly focuses on right field arms. Anyways, Francoeur comes out on top of pretty much every list.

Cannons and Popguns -- Rating Outfield Arms

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