Wednesday, February 15, 2006

World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic starts on March 3rd. Will it be a success? Does anybody care? I have heard a lot of people say that they don't care about it. Initially, those were my feelings as well. But I have warmed up to the idea somewhat. I am at least interested in how the tournament comes out now.

Players from the Braves' system
Chris Reitsma, Canada
Pete Orr, Canada
Scott Thorman, Canada
(former Brave) Adam Stern, Canada
Chipper Jones, USA
Jeff Francoeur, USA
Oscar Villareal, Mexico
Andruw Jones, Netherlands
Ardley Jansen, Netherlands
Jorge Sosa, Dominican

Sosa and Villareal are on rosters that have not been completely trimmed down, so they might not compete in the World Baseball Classic.

Canada will definitely be well represented by Atlanta Braves' players. We must have a really good scouting team up there or something. Reitsma and Villareal will probably be closing so they might get some early training for the same job in Atlanta.

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