Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rule V Draft

The Rule V Draft will take place tomorrow, the last day of the winter meetings. The Rule V Draft is usually not a good day for the Braves as they usually lose a couple of decent prospects each year. This year will probably not be any different with the Braves not expected to take anyone as usual.

Bill Shanks has said that Dan Smith and Sean White are two likely candidates to be taken in tomorrow's draft. Losing White wouldn't bother me that much but I would not be happy if someone took Dan Smith. Smith is already 23 but he only busted onto the scene this season. Whoever takes him will have to include him on their 25-man roster the entire season so hopefully nobody will want to take that gamble.

We've already lost a couple of really good prospects while getting nothing in return. Hopefully we won't lose another one. Cross your fingers.

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