Monday, February 27, 2006

Real funny

I was reading the latest post over at The Baseball Analysts (which is a really great baseball blog by the way). It doesn't have anything to do with the Braves but it is about college players which is somewhat relevant to the farm system. I just had to post something about it because it has a couple of cool names on it.

Bryan Smith lists his top 20 college prospects and there are a few notable names in the bunch. Number 9 on the list is Evan Longoria. Wow! Take away the "n" and you have, that's right, Eva Longoria. I wonder how much crap that guys gets with that name. Unbelievable.

The other name is not nearly as funny but it is worth mentioning. Number 18 is Chad Tracy. Not the Chad Tracy of the Arizona Diamondbacks of course. The funniest thing about the entire article is that he never even mentions anything about the names of these two guys. He even writes a paragraph about Longoria and doesn't even mention anything about the guy's name.
Either it was an unacceptable oversight or, more likely, he just wanted to stick with baseball. I don't care what you are writing about; if you're writing about a guy named Evan Longoria, you have to at least mention it.

In actual baseball news, sources from camp indicate that Lerew, Devine, and McBride are impressing and making a strong push for a bullpen spot. I think McBride is all but assured a spot while Lerew and Devine have a little more work to do. Also, it looks like Foster is fighting an uphill battle to gain a spot over Remlinger and McBride. That is good news for the Braves' bullpen.

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