Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chuck James vs. Cole Hamels

The big breaking news today is that Cole Hamels is being called up to make his major league debut Friday against the Reds. I'd like to take this opportunity to look at the similarities between Chuck James and Cole Hamels and plead for Bobby Cox to give Chuck a chance to start.

Here are Chuck James' career minor league stats:
Innings: 343.2
K/9: 10.92
h/9: 5.79
hr/9: 0.42
w/9: 2.70

Cole Hamels: These stats do not include Cole's 2006 stats.
Innings: 152
k/9: 12.32
h/9: 5.21
hr/9: 0.12
w/9: 3.67

Both of these pitchers are lefties who top out in the low 90's. Each one of them utilizes the changeup as their best pitch. Cole strikes out a few more people and also walks a few more. Keep in mind that Chuck has maintained his performance over twice as many innings and against tougher talent because Hamels had not faced AAA as of last year. But Hamels is also 2 years younger than Chuck which gives him a little more of an upside.

With all the publicity surrounding Cole Hamels and how he will save the Phillie's rotation, I would like to see Chuck James provide a lefty presence in the rotation seeing as his track record is very similar to super-prospect Cole Hamels.

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